“The Gifts Jimmy Breslin Gave Me” on Deadspin

John just wrote a nice piece upon the passing of Jimmy Breslin for The Stacks at Deadpin. Check it out: It is hard to realize just how far away New York is by every conceivable measure unless you are in Salt Lake City when you are introduced to the world Jimmy Breslin populated with characters, […]

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Mark Aguirre Was Never Going To Fail

From John: Here’s a little something for you when you’re catching your breath between NCAA tournament games. Hard to believe I wrote this profile of Mark Aguirre, the DePaul scoring machine and future Detroit Piston bad boy, for the short-lived but ceaselessly high-minded Inside Sports magazine 36 years ago. That’s so far back that DePaul […]

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Wonderful Interview on The Sweet Science

The Sweet Science profiled John in a very nice new piece on their website. A quick excerpt: Schulian, who was offered Red Smith’s column at The New York Times, which he turned down, covered boxing in the 1970s and 1980s. Among the many fights he watched, which stand out? “I wish I could put an Ali fight on this list, but all […]

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